Welcome to CargoLedger, blockchain solutions for logistics.

If you want to know more on what blockchain can do in your supply chain then you have come to the right place.

We can help you finding out what blockchain can do for your business!

What we do

Co-create blockchain prototypes. We work with you and together gain knowledge and insight quickly by building working software prototypes. We always start with a sound business case.

Build great software. We love building great software and implementing that with your team to make sure it fits your business needs and processes. We build upon existing software stacks to speed up the delivery.

Deliver innovations across modalities. We understand the issues in the supply chain. With our agile way of working and our broad and in depth knowledge of technology and business processes we are able to deliver innovations that work.



We envision a paperless supply chain with immutable data, securely shared across the entire chain supported by timely and easy payments.

The founders have a track record of innovation in the logistics and financial sector.

Our team seesĀ  great opportunities in using blockchain technology in the supply chain and logistics.


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