CargoLedger, low-orbit satellites and the future of cargo trade.

Overview of FTC Technology

CargoLedger conducted a successful feasibility project investigating innovative technology to support Future Cargo Trade.  In the project IoT was used to determine the state of conditioned cargo in a container in real-time. A low orbiting satellite network of Fleet Space Technologies was used to send this data to a data-hub in The Netherlands. The measured values were compared to agreed upon conditions stored in the CargoLedger software and the Ethereum blockchain.

The technical- and economic feasibility of the concept were tested in the project. 

Further research is required and a businessmodel needs to be tested. The idea is to offer the solution as a service to potential customers. Several shippers and freight forwarders showed early interest.

In this project we worked together with Berry Sanders of RocketBerry BV and Armanda Hogedoorn of Athea Technology. 

The project was made possible by a grant from the Province of Noord-Holland.