Future Cargo Trade 2.0 project completed.

In the past period we have successfully completed our Future Cargo Trade 2.0 project. For this project CargoLedger worked together with Explect. Both had received a grant from the Province of Noord-Holland within the MIT collaboration program. 

In the project three important innovations were added to our software, namely:

1. A rule engine

A rule engine has been implemented. This makes it easier for us to implement and support specific rules in business goods traffic more quickly. This rule engine has been tested with customers and users.

3. A new system architecture

The architecture of our software has been restructured and optimised. Our software is divided into logical parts. This has made our systems more reliable and secure. We already experience the benefits of this in our daily work. Also our application programming interface (API) has been updated. We now support both REST and GraphQL.

5. A datamodel based on open standards 

We have implemented a new data model. This data model is based on an open standard, UBL2.3. This makes sharing of data easier. And it significantly decreases the time to develop an integration with any system of platform of other, both business-2-business (B2B) and business-2-government.

This project was made possible by a SME grant from the Provence of North-Holland. The MIT innovatiestimulering topsectoren (MIT) Noord-Holland – R&D-Samenwerkingsproject.