Our Trip-dossier incl. e-CMR saves you money

Calculate your savings

The number of trucks in your organisation x
The average stops per truck per day =
The time saved with our Trip-dossier incl. e-CMR as compared to paper CMR.

Hours Saved/Year

and this is excl. other benefits i.e.
more insight, beter information and earlier invoicing.

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No touch orders.
Fully accredited.

Paperless. No-touch orders

More efficient. Sharing data is easy.
No more manual data-entry. Less validation and verification cost.
As compared to a paper CMR our trip dossier incl. e-CMR saves you €5,33 per shipment.

Track and trace

Real-time insight. Location and status of the handover instantly in your TMS.

Mobile solution & easy integration

All documents anywhere, anytime available.
Works on all mobile devices. Easy to integrate into your existing processes.
Using open standards to connected to existing IT-systems.

Fully accredited & legally binding

Fully accredited by the Dutch National and International Road Transport Organisation, the NIWO.