What we do

We help with digital transformation of your supply chain and logistics.

Paper is a hassle.

Paper is still one of the main challenges in the supply chain. Paper adds complexity. Paper gets lost. But paper also provides trust. And that trust can be organised different with blockchain.

Paperless is easy

Blockchain makes sharing easy. Deleting is impossible. Changes are transparent. Compliance and stakeholder management are a breeze. And it provides you access to the right information anytime, anywhere.

Easy IT integration

Multimodal sharing of data.

We know how to connect software to existing systems. You can keep using your current IT. We just add an extra layer underneath that adds trust and makes data sharing easy.

Our mobile apps you to keep track of where everything is and what everyone does.  

No hassle, nor changes in the way you work. No big investments. Just smart IT that saves you time. 

Pay-as-you-go. You can start tomorrow.